Supplier development: Audimus on the road for a customer in Japan

October 31, 2019 By 0 Comments


Fernando Peña and Christian Frisch travelled to Japan on behalf of a world market leader in various product groups, including monolithic ceramic chip capacitors.

We are pleased to accept the challenge of developing appropriate suppliers in the Asian region in accordance with VDA 6.3 quality requirements in the supply chains. In addition to interesting experiences in the culinary field, many positive impressions could also be gained in the processes of our customer.

In the following project Audimus will pursue a further approach besides the implementation of quality-enhancing measures in the production processes and the development of the Automotive Core Tools competences.

In particular, coaching on the culturally determined different expectations and reactions in a typical audit situation often represents a major challenge for both sides (auditor & auditee) and often leads to misunderstandings and subsequent frustration on both sides.

Here, our experience and our human approach are the key to ensuring the success of the audit and the satisfaction of all parties involved.