Audimus Saar Consulting as Moderator

September 20, 2018 By 0 Comments

On the 1st supplier day at one of our customers Christian Frisch moderated the 8D problem solving.

The D1 team definition on this day consisted of nine representatives of the suppliers as well as two customer representatives. Mr. Christian Frisch from Audimus Saar Consulting was appointed to the team as moderator. The D2 problem description on this day was about problem solving competence.

On both sides the communication and the quality of the information was emphasized for up to D3. The correct application of specific methods to find the cause in D4 forms the basis for a precise derivation of effective measures in D5-D7.

The team performance was appreciated in D8 and it was agreed to further improve the delivery performance with the contents dealt with and newly gained problem-solving competences.