Audimus as partner and link between logistics and manufacturing

February 12, 2020 By 0 Comments

Yesterday, an article entitled “The Boundaries Between Manufacturing and Logistics Blur” appeared in the logistics blog of Schenker Deutschland AG on this year’s Forum Automobile Logistics.

This is precisely where we see ourselves as a partner and link between logistics and manufacturing.

Just the implementation of requirements from the manufacturing environment and the adaptation to the process thinking in the logistics area requires a sensitive understanding of each other at times.

Especially in the QM environment, the question of the right certification and the associated implementation of certain requirements often arises. For example, an IATF 16949 certification can bring considerable difficulties. Especially if it is often demanded on a blanket basis and consequently does not optimally support the processes at many interfaces in the overall system.

Here, certification according to VDA 6.2 can play a decisive role. Unfortunately, even customers who think in a strongly production-oriented way often lack understanding of this.

If, in the further course of the connections, joint assessments of process performance are made, the VDA 6.3 process audit question catalogue has become very widely accepted worldwide. Here, too, it is important to set the right standards and to understand and evaluate the questions from the service provider side. Here the appointed auditor takes on another sensitive role and needs the corresponding transfer performance and his thinking from production to the logistics processes to be evaluated.

Audimus Consulting has been closing this gap for years and sees itself as one of very few specialists in this field. Christian Frisch (owner of Audimus) has been one of only four trainers at the VDA QMC for the relevant publications for several years and, together with his team, stands for the efficient implementation of necessary requirements while taking into account the different basic structures between manufacturing companies and logistics service providers.

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